Freight Transportation

Great Lakes Events understands your unique shipping needs. Whether you are a tradeshow exhibitor, show organizer or general business that requires material shipped throughout North America, Great Lakes Events has the ability and commitment to provide fast and reliable transportation. Our cost effective service can transport your materials via air, ground and/or ocean.

We recommend that all materials being shipped are insured. Many insurance companies can extend policies for all-risk coverage. Great Lakes Transportation offers insurance coverage as well.


We do have warehousing capabilities (Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM, not including holidays). Our direct and advance warehouse services can get your shipment to the desired destination.

Contact us today to arrange pickup and delivery. Great Lakes Events can get a move on it!

The details of each shipment are very important when coordinating transportation. Some things to keep in mind when planning to ship your materials:

  • What kind of material is being shipped? (machine or display)
  • How will it be packed? (crated or special handling)
  • Where is the shipment going?
  • What is the desire date of arrival?
  • Do you have a bill of lading or inbound/outbound handling sheet completed properly?

Not only will our trained professionals arrange your transportation, but they can also walk you through the paperwork and provide complimentary shipping labels.

Click here for a Transportation Sheet.